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Re: AcerNote Light laptop and OpenBSD

Vasil Slavov <orfei_(_at_)_yahoo_(_dot_)_com> moved upon the face of the 'Net and spake thusly:

> Does anybody have experience with running OpenBSD on AcerNote Light? Is
> there anything problematic about it (apm, sound, video, pcmcia, etc.)?
> The one I have

If you *have* it, why not boot the install floppy and see what

I have one of these (Acer 370PC) too, but I've never run BSD on it.

I'm going to give my experiences of running linux on it, on the theory
that this demonstrates that a free driver is at least /possible/; whether
BSD has one is then your problem:

   XFree86v3 works using the SVGA server, under v4 I'm using the
   framebuffer driver.

   I can't recall if I ever got the sound working, never needed it.

   PCMCIA and ethernet work, I think I'm using a 3COM 3c5xx card just
   now, I've used several different cards over ther years (whatever
   was spare at the office).

   My Acer has a built in ATAPI CD-ROM, which works fine.

   APM sort of works.  Battery voltage value is bogus.


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