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How to release DHCP client from DHCP server?

I have a small network at home and another stand alone
PC. They are running OBSD. I am using Rogers ISP
service (Cable Modem). The ISP runs a DHCP server.
Normally, I use my network gateway connect to ISP. For
security reason, I want to connect my stand alone PC
to ISP to make payment.
Here comes the problem: my ISP can only let me connect
my gateway PC with the MAC address. If I want to use
the stand alone computer with different MAC address to
connect, I have to release the DHCP connection and
Then unplug the network cable from my gateway's
ethernet card to plug into the stand alone PC's
ethernet card. and renew the DHCP connection. 

I am new to OBSD, and I don't know how can I release
the DHCP connection from one PC and renew it from
another PC.

Thanks for your help.

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