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dsl + wireless


I had installed LAN environment as below.

ISP <--> dsl <-> OpenBSD-GW <-> wi0 <-> laptops (openbsd, win98, xp..)
                     +---> hub <--> desktops

For the wirelss one, I go through the following procedures to setup it at

1. ifconfig wi0
2. wicontrol -i wi0 -n private_network
   wicontrol -i wi0 -p 1
   wicontrol -i wi0 -c 1
   wicontrol -i wi0 -s private_base

For wireless clients (openbsd), I just use ifconfig wi0 ... and it works.
I also configure win98 client successfully to use the wireless services
but noit for XP.  I have some questions,

a. For the HUB one, it is easy to control the use of the OpenBSD-GW as it 
is physical control only. However, for the wireles show can I control the
access privilege of the OpenBSD-GW for the wireless option.  

b. It is really hard for me to configure the XP to connect the OpenBSD-GW.
can anyone show me how to do it ?  Thanks.  Sorry it may be off topic.


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