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Re: how to restart network without rebooting

On 27/02/2002, Lars Hansson <lars_(_at_)_unet_(_dot_)_net_(_dot_)_ph> wrote To misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org:
> You really shouldnt be doing this on a production machine
> during business hours in the first place.

Ohoo.. 'business hours' .. there are machines out there doing
'business' 24/7 .. :}

> And if you really /have/ to it doesnt take long to reboot
> an OpenBSD system anyway.

Oh, I dont care about the startup time from OpenBSD. But some
HW really takes it time (e.g. ICP Vortex Controllers).

> But sure, it might be nice if you could but there might be a lot
> of things that depends on your network configuration that
> needs to be restarted etc.

Noone said, that it is easy :>

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