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Re: Create a canned "Firewall Build" or RFHH

Jatin Nansi wrote:


What do you plan for the features to be included
into this project? There are a lot of things that go into
a commercial firewall, so r u planning something comparable, or something that is a packet
filter and NAT (which OBSD with pf basically is).
Atleast a list of all expected features will get people interested...

From my point of view:
       Tight filtering
       with/without NAT
       with/without VPN pass through.  Either from inside or outside.
       Detailed logging
       Complete audit of file/directory permissions

Nice as an option:
VPN server
Mail server
Research needed:
VPN server
Web w/ STATIC pages. No CGI.

   NO WAY:
       general user logins

I would like to keep it fairly tight. But realizing that some smaller businesses may need a bit more, but encourage them to migrate those "non-firewall" services to a secured machine to keep the firewall as clean as possible.


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