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Re: cobalt raq4

Forget the cobalt.

If you want a 1U rackmount that will run OpenBSD, you'll get more bang
for your buck from someone else.

http://www.einux.com has for $795 a 1U rackmount with Duron 800MHz,
128MB RAM, 20GB HDD, ethernet, VIDEO (a foreign concept to Cobalt

If you are buying it for the Sun warranty, forget it;  as soon as you
blow away Linux 2.2 you are on your own.

If you are buying it because it is easy to customize, forget it.  That
is proprietary software that only runs on their ancient Linux 2.2
derived distribution.

A RAQ4 currently sells for $1400, comes with a 450MHz processor, 64MB
RAM, and you can't even tweak it without blowing the warranty.

The very best RAQ4 configuration you can get from the Sun Store has
(again) 450MHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 2x 40GB drives (software RAID 1), dual
ethernets, blah blah blah.  Still a sleepy old machine.  Cost?  $2,200

For about $1630, from einux, you get:

Athlon XP 1900+ (1.6GHz), 512MB DDR, 20GB UDMA/100 HDD, intel 10/100
ethernet (expandable to 4 ports), 1U rackmount.  I don't know if it has
room for another HDD or not but you've saved a lot of cheddar here over
the Cobalt box and can afford the 160GB HDD you know you want.

einux preloads with Linux, supports Windows, and could probably care
less what OS you're running.

There are many other examples out there of vendors with superior
hardware at more reasonable prices.  The appeal of the Cobalt RAQ for an
OpenBSD enthusiast eludes me.

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