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Re: Adding additional SCSI hdd

Has anyone face this problem ? Can someone help me on this ?


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Subject: Adding additional SCSI hdd

Hi there,

I have installed OpenBSD 3.0 on a HP Netserver LX , Pentium Pro
which has 6 SCSI HDD (4Gb each) .
The problem is , I can only do the installation with one SCSI HDD, if I were
fix all the SCSI drive, it won't boot. So right now, I am only using 1 SCSI
and it works fine. After the installation, I tried to fix all the other 5
hotswap SCSI hdd,
and I rebooted the machine , while booting OpenBSD found the other 5 SCSI
after a few line it gives me a loop error like below :-

ASC/ASCQ : Uncommented read Error - Recommend rewrite the data
FRU CODE : 0x20
SKSV : Actual Retry Count : 160
sd0(ahc1:0:0) : Check condition on opcode 0x8
Sense Key : Media Error
Info Field : 372807
Command Info : 18940713 (0x1210329)

I have even tried plugging in 1 additional SCSI hdd and the problem is the
same as
Is there anyway that I can overcome this ?
Any help from the OpenBSD guru's is much appreciated.