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Re: Freeing up memory on C drive

At 2002-02-20T04:54:20Z, Darryl Rowe <dkrow_(_at_)_pacbell_(_dot_)_net> writes:

> Any suggestion on how to free up memory on my C: drive. I've deleted as
> many unused program as I can and I still get a message indicating my local
> C: drive is full.

Uh-oh!  This may indicate a viral infection of type 'EXE'.  If you go into
Windows Explorer, you can rename the 'WINDOWS' directory to
'WINDOWS-INFECTED' to warn the system to check the programs in there for
viruses before each one is loaded.  If the system won't let you rename the
directory, then you may also have the 'DLL' virus (use the 'Find' program to
look for files with 'dll' in the name - if you have some, then you're
infected!).  A re-install may be necessary.
Kirk Strauser