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Re: is it a valid domain?


"Peter N. M. Hansteen" wrote:
> > Anyone can tell me if it is legal to have a nonexistent first level domain
> > in you own dns server? Something like that:
> >
> > mydomain.music
> Well, not advisible at any rate. Even if you get the machines on your
> own local network to play with your name server which helps resolve
> .music, the likelihood that machines elsewhere will not recognize your
> machine as authorative for anything is tiny at best.
should work fine in the local network and your server will still
be authorative for everything else if it is configured correctly.

> Playing TLD root server for an unknown top level domain in full view
> of the Internet at large is likely to get you into serious trouble
> with the *real* root server admins.
yeah, sure, if they ever find out, they have nothing better to do as
scanning the whole internet for namerservers and bombarding every
server there with requests for all possible existing domain-names.

> I am not a lawyer, but I think that just grabbing a top level domain
> out of thin air and putting a new root server on line is more than
> likely to be considered an unfriendly act (a major land grab) by
> most of the rest of the name serving community, and will probably
> get a largish unkindness of lawyers on your tail
now I am scared... how many "alternative" root-servers and parallel
namespaces do you think exist at the moment ? just open your eyes...

> So essentially, if you want to experiment with playing .music root
> server, please for your own sake do it locally only and make sure
> that your experiment does not poison anybody else's name service.
if someone else is stupid enough to configure his system to get
"poisoned" by something like that he deserves it...

nothing against you, but I would really recommend reading "dns and
bind" and then mailing. you can do with your dns-server whatever you
like, you should make sure that the official zones you host are
integer but nothing prevents you in setting up special zones for
special purposes. since they are not known to the rest of the world,
nobody cares.

bye, siggi.