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nat.conf and internal webserver

Hello all,

I have a webserver running on it is running NameBased virtual hosting and I am having trouble getting to view sites that are hosted on the server from other computers on the internal network.

I figured that I could look for requests to my outside IP coming from the hosts on the internal network and redirect them to the webserver running on the internal network _before_ the NAT takes place. Do i have the wrong idea?

Here is a shot of the nat.conf file

ideas are appreciated.

fxp0 external int
fxp1 internal int

rdr on fxp1 from any to <external ip> port 80  -> port 80

## NAT for machines and routers
nat on fxp0 from to any     -> <external ip>

## binat
<binat rules>

## rdr
#redirect internal web traffic
#rdr on fxp1 from any to <external ip> port 80 -> port 80
#rdr on fxp0 from any to <external ip> port 80  -> port 80


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