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Re: CCD 3.0

Steve thank you for the help but before you try to ASSume what someone
is thinking maybe you should ask. I had ccd up and running before
posting that question and I did use the man pages and the faq. I was
just wondering if there was an error in the faq. Obviously I must have
been looking at the wrong FAQ on OpenbBSD.org maybe that one does not
pertain to OpenBSD3.0. I am just assuming this myself considering the
FAQ you say you read contained nothing about ccd. But I think I have the
right FAQ as how it states this right at the very beginning of it

"This FAQ is maintained with information pertaining to the 3.0 release
of OpenBSD". 
Also I do not know where you read there was nothing about ccd here it is
right out of the FAQ

The first option is the use of ccd(4), the Concatenated Disk Driver.
This allows you to join several partitions into one virtual disk (and
thus, you can make several disks look like one disk). This concept is
similar to that of LVM (logical volume management), which is found in
many commercial Unix flavors. 

If you are running GENERIC, ccd is already enabled. If not, you may need
to add it to your kernel configuration. To start the setup of ccd, you
need to add support for it in your kernel. A line such as: 

pseudo-device   ccd     4       # concatenated disk devices

Now maybe I did not word my question just right, I probably should have
plainly asked was there an error. But I did not do that because I was
not trying to point out mistakes or point fingers at anyone because I
know how great the man pages and FAQ are for OpenBSD. I was trying to
check to see if I screwed something up on my install just sort of a
sanity check type thing.
I am sorry to have disturbed you and I will keep simple minded question
to myself from this point on to try not to get in the way of the experts
like yourself. And I openly apologize to everyone else on the list also.
I do appreciate your advice Steve.

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Looking not very closely at the faq in 3.0 I didn't see mention of ccd,
but doing a "man ccd" explains what to add to a kernel config file.  It
also mentions things like ccdconfig(8) which you need to understand
as well.

In general, you should look in the documentation first before asking
on a mailing list.  The "apropos" command is an excellent friend: doing 
"apropos ccd" points to two man pages and told me what I needed to
do.  I played with this once just to see if I could do it and the man
told me eveything I needed.

The OpenBSD man pages are a fantastic resource; getting into the
habbit of using them will give you the information faster than asking on
a mailing list, and frees the list up for more advanced questions.

Also, don't forget about the mailing list archives.  They're there at
openbsd.org site with a link on the main page.  Many, indeed most of
my questions have been answered by trawling around there, looking
or past discussions on what I was interested in.  It works most of the

Combined the man pages and mailing list archives gives you a powerful
tool to answer questions.

--STeve Andre'

On Saturday 16 February 2002 05:17 pm, Elijah Savage wrote:
> Hey all in the faq it says ccd is installed in the generic kernel by
> default, is that in reference to 2.9 because I just installed 3.0 and
> can't seem to find it anywhere in the GENERIC.
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