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Re: Hide system/other Processess

on 14/2/02, at the evil hour of 4:21 PM -0700, Darren Spruell wrote:
archives hold the answer -

So, for the archives keywords: limit ps user info restrict process processes

To be fair . . .
1) you could spend days trying to find the right thread there.
The only way you could find it is if you already knew that is it was there and what it was called. searching on "process user limit" does not return that discussion. nor does ps, nor does process.

which IS the first link under mailing list archives on the openbsd pages.
Searching here and typing in "process" or "ps" returns the correct discussion forthwith

2) and the reply "apply the Stephanie patch or Privacy patch" is not exactly all that helpful is it?

going to the openbsd web page, looking for patches you get:


which is certainly not going to get you anywhere nearer a "stephanie" patch.

going to google and searching for openBSD stephanie returns:
but that turns out to be server not found . . .
a few clicks later and we are at BugTraq and  . . .

while the BugTraq discussion is very enlightening the link is still server not found and has been since the faithful message:
"apply the stephanie patch".

sigh. However, I hope the above proves helpful to someone. :-)
William C. Allen, BLS, EET