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Re: Which smtp daemon for the DMZ? / Two independent smtp daemons.

    If I were the orig poster I would use whatever of those mentioned 
you feel most like you can handle. IOW the one you know best as you
will most likely have to manage it. Postfix works well for this role
IMHO and is very well supported. It is easy to understand and is 
very modular. Qmail as well works this way. Since I have used both I must 
say there are IMHO more simularities than diff other than learning 
curve which IMHO is slighter with postfix. I mean from a 
handling mail point of view. Courier and Exim some prefer depending 
on your confort zone. There is always sendmail if you want to stay
native.  Basically get to know one or two very_well and your doing 
pretty good.

Best Regards,


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