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Re: Which smtp daemon for the DMZ? / Two independent smtp daemons .

Sven Kirmess [mailto:Sven_(_dot_)_Kirmess_(_at_)_gmx_(_dot_)_net] writes:
> I would like to use OpenBSD 3.0 as a mail relay in the DMZ which
> forwards mails to an OpenBSD 3.0 internal mailserver. I would like to
> use two different smtp daemons. Which one would/do you use on the DMZ
> and which one on the fileserver?

On the relay box, the openbsd way would be to use smtpd (in the standard
distribution) to listen on port 25. This queues mail for another MTA to
forward mail to, and receive mail from, the internal server. Sendmail (in
queue mode) is the obvious candidate for the MTA, however I would recommend
Exim as being well worth a look too.

I am currently running two OpenBSD MX hosts, one with Exim which is used to
host several virtual POP3 domains, and the other with smtpd/sendmail which
relays to/from our internal MS Exchange box using split DNS (sendmail's
mailertable is one alternative to split DNS).

Stephen Marley <stephen_(_at_)_openkast_(_dot_)_com>
Systems Manager, Openkast Ltd.

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