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Re: Which smtp daemon for the DMZ? / Two independent smtp daemons.

Henning Brauer wrote:

> options are (basically):
> sendmail, exim, qmail, postfix
> there first two ones are basicallt monolithic while qmail and postfix are
> modular. _I personally_ prefer qmail and treat postfix as good, too, and
> don't like sendmail and exim. your mileage mat vary.

It looks like only sendmail is in the main distribution (and therefore only
sendmail is audited), right? Exim and postfix are in the ports... and qmail?

Lets say I use sendmail on the internal mailserver. Which mail daemon is
small and secure for the DMZ system? It only acts as a store and forward
proxy and does not need to "process" the mails (therefore I don't need the
power of sendmail or exim (I don't know qmail and postfix))...


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