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OpenBSD Firewalling (Long, drawn out - be warned)

This weekend, I thought I'd give a shot to firewalling my home net better than it is.

Current setup:

========,    ,========================,    ,==========
Switch ------ Zyxcel Router/Modem/FW ------ INTERNET
========`    '========================'    '==========

For arguments sake, lets say the internal network is and the firewall/router/modem carries one non-routable IP ( that acts as the gateway for the internal net, and one routable IP that is the Internet IP.

What I would LIKE to do is (ditch the router/modem thing.. it does not do ANYTHING next to what I want.;) )go SWITCH to OBSD FIREWALL/NAT to Zyxcel to INTERNET. I would set the Zyxcel to forward everything (any any) to and from the OBSD box.

A) Will this work? (I understand routing a to b but not the protocol layers)
B) Is there someone who would be willing to help me go over my rulset to see if it is correct?

I have made exactly one attempt, and it failed.. then it occured to me that maybe this just WON'T work at all.

If this WON'T work, what type of device should I buy for my OBSD box to make the PPPoE connection to my ISP? (I would actually like to know this anyway)


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