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OpenBSD IPO - was Serious question (not trolling)

 > ... And the larger the amount of users, the larger the
 > feedback. And the larger the feedback, the better the result

Yeah! Yeah!...it'll be called "ActiveBSD"...

I have a cartoonist friend who can sketch up some nifty characters for the install script (we are working on a more user-friendly install script right?). I'm thinking that a macarena-ing stapler would be a great help for those FDISK newbies.

Which reminds me...with our newly harvested IPO cash, we could license some Elvis tunes to play while it installs the packages. People love Elvis. It's a sure thing.

And all that $$$ will buy a suh-weet pad down in the Caymans for all of our newly graduated frat-boy developers to go to work. And Theo can finally have the corporate jet he's been dreaming about (we'll get one just like the picture hanging over his monitor). BUT.....I need at least 4 million for a little side project a friend of mine always used to joke about--an Operating System entirely written in the Easytrieve language. I've always wanted to be a project manager, and marketing said that such native support of Easytrieve will be sure to snag more market share from that SQL company (which is such a fly-by-night operation I can't even find SQL in the phone book).

Oh...and vi? Has to go. We'll replace it with a speech recognition front end that will automatically configure your system when you say something like "make my CDROM work" and "Help! that little bubble at the top of my lavalamp won't melt!"

[end sarcasm]

I'm not a developer, but perhaps I can make a contribution to the cause. I've registered "activebsd.com", which I will set up as a referral point for anyone who ever ever troubles the list with long painful threads like this one. We can put every single suggestion whose rationale is "more end users" there, and avoid another long Monday inbox.


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