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bad nfs performance [was: Re: Promise PDC20268]

okay, sorry folks, forget about the promise controller, I read the list archives ;)

My problem boils down to very BAD nfs performance. Writing from the linux client (2.4.17, PIII-1000, NW Card: 3com 905C-TX) to the 
OBSD-Server (BSD3-current, P-200MMX, nw card: some allied telesyn 10/100 mbit card) nfs3 is damn slow, ~800kb/sec. Using nfs2 the 
same thing is a bit faster (1,5Megs/s). Reading is faster, but still slower than ftp: Using ftp I get ~4/5Megs/sec writing 
throughput, not the fastest, but I except nfs to be as fast as ftp. 

I know that the linux nfs-support is pretty bad, but i can't imagine it to be THAT bad ;). 

Is there anything i can do? (nw card, nfs support from current kernel broken, ...) I thought about using smbmount, but I'd prefer nfs 
if possible...

Any ideas?