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Promise PDC20268


I have a few problems with OpenBSD3/current and my Promise ATA 100 Controlle (Chip: PDC 20268). I didn't manage to get a plain 
OpenBSD3 cd install done, as the controller was not recognized properly. (It says "PCI Device Promise (...) not configured")

With an OpenBSD-Current from mid-January it works without any problems.

I wouldn't bother much about my current install, as it works quite good, except the lame NFS performace I have. (Client: Linux 
2.4.17, but afaik there are no known problems with this linux kernel/nfstools and any nfs access). So I thought my problem _could_ be 
the current kernel. 

Is there any way to get the PDC Chip working under OBSD3.0? (I was wondering, in the list of the supported hardware this chip was 
listed for 3.0, dunno why it didnt work) When my nfs problem is solved by a normal 3.0 Kernel with proper support for my ide 
controller, do i have to downgrade the whole system? And if, how? (i read the faq)

Thanks for your help! I am not an unix beginner, but *BSD is quite new for me though...