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Re: Serious question (not trolling)

I'm obviously not Theo, but I do have a response for this.

On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, Carsten Menke wrote:

> but then why do you accept bugreports, for bugs you don't experience on
> your hardware, if you would do it ONLY for yourself ?

Because another developer might have the same bug.

Because he might have the same bug, later.

Because fixing this bug may help fix another.

Because this bug might be interesting in itself.

Because a bug is a bug, and fixing it is still a good thing.

> 2. Wouldn't you agree that getting support in the way of donations, or
> selling the CD's does help you ?

Clearly, support (donations, CD sales, bug reports, even) does help.

> And if only a very few buy the CD's and
> of course no one donate's anything because your product is not of
> Interest for the others, that this doesn't disturb you ?

If nothing else, I think *having* the CDs (and shirts and posters) and
not selling them would suck, yes.

Having supportive users is good, yes. But users do not guide development.
*Developers* guide development. And sure, some coders might add support
for some new doohickey because it's a popular bit of hardware/software/
whatever. But they do it because *they* want to.

It seems like this is a thread that keeps coming up every few months.
I was going to say Nick Holland should add it to his page, but:
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