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Re: Starband && OpenBSD

hostmaster_(_at_)_ntnation_(_dot_)_com wrote...
> A) The newest Starband models are ETHERNET and USB. In fact, the docs
> indicate that Ethernet is the preferred method (standard 10baseT RJ45
> connectioin) of connection. The old models used USB only (they are no
> longer sold).

I had starband, about a year ago.  My receiver was USB only, but it
seems that by removing a screw in the back there was access to an
10baseT ethernet jack.

> C) The docs regarding VPN are simply talking about ping times... Since
> they are a sat connection, you're looking at big-block asymmetric
> transfers (around 300-600K downloads, around 50-75K uploads) with lousy
> ping times. So if you're playing some online games, then this won't
> work. But business apps, including most VPN-type apps I've seen, work
> just fine.

I don't know about that.  My installation was horrendous.  A ssh
window was like being dialed up over 2400baud modem, even with 
compression enabled on the ssh connection.  I don't play online
games, so I can't speak for that.
> I ENTHUSIASTICALLY recommend Starband -- I don't work for the company,
> and I'm not an installer -- but I've spec'd three installations of it,
> and the users all love it. Plus, in the right geographic situations,
> it's the ONLY solution (that, and DirecPC).

I enthusiastically would NOT recommend Starband, unless it's
your only option.  I had serious issues with both the installer
(who is an independant installer, not a Starband employee)
and Starband's tech support.  Maybe I just lucked out and got
a bad installer, but I would tell everyone to stay away.

My download speeds on ISDN were MUCH faster than Starband.

Good luck.


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