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Serious question (not trolling)

I just finished reading an article that said (I'll paraphrase, see 
article URL below) Sun Microsystems is going to incorporate Linux into 
its "high-end" offerings (currently they offer it only on their "low 
end" Cobalt appliances). This move is seen by industry prognosticators 
as a signal that Sun might be moving away from Solaris, and toward 
being a developer/contributor/distributor for Linux. Sun's move kind of 
parallels what IBM has already done wrt Linux. 

Another interesting stat quoted in this article was how Linux has 
affected the "market share" of the various OSs: according to IDC both 
Linux and Windows have increased market share (server deployments)... 
the loser in the market share is: (other) Unix. The numbers:

Linux - up to 32% from 27%
Windows - up to 47% from  41%
(other) Unix - down to 10% from 14%

I'm not posting this stir up controversy, or to kick off another 
religious flame war (forewarning to those who will try to steer it in 
that direction). I'm really interested in hearing what others think 
about the "Linux trend", and how it may affect OpenBSD.

Jay Moore 

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