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Starband && OpenBSD

Hi All:

   I am looking for broadband service in upstate NY and i am considering getting
starband. Can anyone give me advice regarding it. Right now i'm using an old
pentium running OpenBSD 3.0 ....the pre-release snapshot to act as an ipnat
firewall and router. I do not want to run windows and the explanation on the
Starband website seems to be for people with extremly limited intelligence and
understanding. ...I refuse to use a service that requires me to install some
software other than the stuff i already run ...OpenBSD and Linux.

                                              Marina Brown

P.S. Cable is not an option as i used to work for the local cable company as
the sysadmin. ....Can you say "messed up routing" ? I found it rather amusing
when the NT box that acts as that companies cable DHCP box got infected with
Code Red. ....I told them to patch it a year earlier !!! Needless to say, i did
not bother to waste my dime to tell them. 


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