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Re: Choice of X-capable browser

On Friday 08 February 2002 23:11, you wrote:

> There are some great choices now.  Mozilla is supposed to be very good
> but I haven't tried it yet.  I use KDE's Konqueror for everything and
> it works great.  There are a handful of sites that it can't handle,
> usually due to JavaScript stuff.  For those, I also use Galeon (same
> rendering engine as Mozilla, but without all the bloat) or Opera.  All
Wow, how did you get Mozilla to run under OpenBSD ?
I usually use konqueror too under OpenBSD, but since I have used Mozilla 
under Linux, I miss Mozilla a lot under OpenBSD.

> work very well.
> I remember the days when Netscape 4.? was the only choice for Linux
> etc and that was pretty bad.  Now we have better stuff than what most
> Windows users are stuck with.

Amen :)