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Problems with pppoe+ADSL


 I'm running OpenBSD 3.0 (release) and trying to set up an ADSL
 connection, using an Allied Data CJ8M0 E-U modem. I've edited my
 ppp.conf, so that it looks like this:
  set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP CCP tun command
  set timeout 0
  set redial 15 10000

  set device "!/usr/sbin/pppoe -i rl0"
  set mtu max 1492
  set mru max 1492
  set speed sync
  disable acfcomp protocomp deflate
  deny acfcomp
  set login
  set authname "mylogin"
  set authkey "mypass"
  set ifaddr
  add default HISADDR
  enable dns

  Between my machine and the modem there are only a Realtek and a
  cross-cable, both testes on other machines and working properly.

  When I try to connect, doing:

# ifconfig rl0 up
# ppp -ddial pppoe

  I get the following error on my ppp.log file:

  tun0: Phase: deflink: read (3): Connection reset by peer

  I've read many tutorials, and couldn't find anything that points to
  a solution. Any idea ?

  Thanks in advance,