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Re: Install problems Dell PE 1550/1000 -- mostly solved!

On Friday 08 February 2002 10:46, you wrote:
> Now...do one of the above MBR tricks, and you are home free.
> Or...(dare I say it?) reload the maintenance partition yet again,
> reload OpenBSD yet again and this time do NOT 'reinit' the drive. (and
> yes, I would understand if you said "I don't want to, screw the
> maintenance partition, I'll never use it anyway, FDISK/MBR HERE I
> COME!!!" 8-)

Or, if you feel adventurous, insert the Dell CD, boot from it and chose to 
rebuild the maintenance partition while OpenBSD is still installed.
I've always been curious as to what will happen when you do that. Maybe it 
will clobber the BSD partitions, maybe not. I never got around to try it 

Lars Hansson