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Getting Started with cvsup for 3.0

I am interested in keeping updated with 3.0 [recently installed],
after doing so with FreeBSD using cvsup.

My question relates to two things:  tags and the so-called "base"

In this trial supfile:

# Defaults that apply to all the collections
*default host=cvsup.usa.openbsd.org
*default base=/var
*default prefix=/usr
*default release=cvs
*default delete use-rel-suffix compress

# Source Collection.
OpenBSD-src tag=.

	... nothing seems to appear under /var.  Should something?
In a directory named something?  /var/CVS?

Other question.  There does not seem to be one single list of tags.

People speak of "-current" and "-stable"; the latter was tracked with
a RELENG_xxx  tag on FreeBSD.  Hah, hah it is likewise so recommended
in the cvsup manpage on OpenBSD.  Using RELENG_3_0 for a tag results
in the same thing as cd /usr; rm -fr src.

What does the "." get me?  Is there some way to query cvs to discover
the tags for each collection?  their meaning?

I suppose there is a third question:  using /cvs for the default prefix
will get not just patches, deletions and checkouts of files, but
the actual cvs deltas?