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Re: dyndns.org client for OpenBSD 3.0

I'm successfully using the python script ipcheck
(http://ipcheck.sourceforge.net/) to update my account at dyndns.org. It's
pretty straightforward and easy to implement. I have a script "do_ipcheck"
that contains the following:

# start
/usr/local/bin/ipcheck.py -q -d /etc/ipcheck -i tun0  -w <username>
<password> <domainname>
# end

(with my real username/pw/domainname, of course)
tun0 is a virtual network port created by my PPPoE connection, if you've got
a fixed connection (why are you using dyndns?), you'd use the network
connection of your external card (eth0 or dc0, for instance).

This is called every few minutes from a cron job.

I've also added the script call to ppp.linkup, which is called whenever I
establish a PPPoE connection to the net. Does anyone know if it's even
needed as a cron job? The IP wouldn't change unless the connection were
cycled, right?

FYI - I picked this up from the excellent OpenBSD firewall tutorial at

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Subject: dyndns.org client for OpenBSD 3.0

Hello *,

after reading a lot of docs etc., I have my internet router/fw/NAT for
DSL on OpenBSD 3.0 ready to replace my exiting one. Except a little
thing which would be nice: my dyndns.org hostname should be updated
automatically. For Linux there are several clients (ez-ipupdate,
ddclient, etc.). But I have not found one which is for OpenBSD 3.0.
Can anybody give a hint, please? Have I missed a FAQ?
I do not think, I am the only one using this.

Thanks in advance and greetings,

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