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Re: Security: FreeBSD vs OpenBSD

On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 08:48:44PM +1100, Darren Reed wrote:
> In some mail from Artur Grabowski, sie said:
> > He is not here to advocate anything. He is here to fight.
> > That should be pretty obvious to anyone who has read the
> > mailing lists during the last 8 months.
> > 
> > And by fighting back you're just encouraging him.
> Given that I've not made any sort of claim, or statement as
> to "why I am here", I'd appreciate a retraction of that.
> Nor do I intend to make any statement aside from I use
> OpenBSD, therefore as a user I am interested in discussions
> about it and this mailing list is such a place where those
> discussions take place.

You mean OpenBSD from openbsd.org or the one mentioned in
(just curious ... about the implications of using one product
while distributing another).

> p.s. If we both lived in the same country I'd think about
> sueing you for defamation over the contents of that email,
> but we don't so I won't waste my time any further.

You would sue him for that opinion?  Man, the Austrilian
courts must feel the same way as many on this list .. "oh,
oh, ... here he comes yet again."