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Re: Security: FreeBSD vs OpenBSD

On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 01:09:47AM -0200, Rossam Souza Silva wrote:
> Well, in NetBSD-CURRENT you can run ntpd without root power
> (using a new feature with a /dev entry). In NetBSD (stable
> version) you can compile the kernel with an "IP NO PRIV
> PORTS", so daemons don't need root power to bind ports
> < 1023. Other BSD systemas can use IPNAT/PF/IPFW to redirect
> ports < 1023 to high ports with no-root daemons... a hack,
> but works...

 About < 1023 *issue* theres one good explanation from Theo for
 why not OpenBSD developers dont like it.   


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