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Re: How to install comp.tgz after installed base system?


a (not very nice) way of uninstalling it is by using a shell loop:
for i in `tar tzf comp30.tgz` ; do rm -f /$i ; done

edit for your appropriate shell, but beware!, doing a 'rm -f /$i' can
be hazardous to your health if $i is wrong. like i said, not a nice way
to solve the problem. better get the output of tar into a file and check
it manually.

anyone a better idea?

* Gavin Li <bsdlist_(_at_)_yahoo_(_dot_)_com> [020202 00:54]:
> I just installed base system, Now I want to add
> comp.tgz to my base system, how to install it?
> Is it just download comp??.tgz, but in which directory
> should I untar it?
> How can I uninstall the comp in the furture?
> Thanks
> Gavin
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