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Re: Alternatives for IPSec?

On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Hakan Olsson wrote:

> While it's beside the point for your question, is the ISP even aware of
> how utterly nonsensical this restriction is (especially from a security
> point of view), and how easy it is to "circumvent"?  Sounds like it's a
> political and/or imaginary-economical issue.
> Kind of like one of my previous employers that permits telnet, ftp, http
> etc, but not SSH. (SSH over port 80 didn't take long to setup, no...)
> /H

This makes sense if you're a lawyer. ;-)  They're trying to alleviate
anyone communicating anything away from the "company" that they can't see.
At least that's what their attorney's told them to do.  Then again, maybe
this didn't happen at your former employer and they're just idiots.

personally I like the idea of using steganography to pass information to
the outside world via the graphics that make the web such a PITA to
work in knowadays.

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