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disklabel fails to find partitions

Hi, I have a question about disklabel:

I have 2 hard <EIDE> drives, wd0 and wd1. OpenBSD is installed on the first
one </dev/wd0> on what is the 3rd partition of the drive </dev/hda3 under
GNU/Linux>. I also have partitions located on extended partition 4 in ext2
format. My problem is that I cannot access these higher partitions.

Running 'disklabel wd0' shows that "partitions c, e and f extend past end of

However, when I run disklabel with the '-d' option <show default label> it
correctly identifies my ext2 partitions! Plus my 2nd disk has 9 partitions,
all of which I can use <but none of them contain OS's.>

I have tried 'disklabel -e wd0' to edit the label, but it only gives me wd0s3,
<my BSD slice> not the whole disk.

Does anyone know what is happening, and how I can `force' BSD to see these
partitions? I don't know if it's relevant but I boot with `disable pciide'
because of a problem with DMA. The man pages for disklabel and fdisk don't

If anyone can help, I'd be very grateful.