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RE: fdisk: secret anti-MS code?

	You will probably need to blow away the entire first track of the drive by
setting it to 0x00 before you can get the windows installs going. It is
similar to putting an OBSD boot disk in your floppy and trying to access it
which generally behaves the same (It would be nice if you got a reasonable
message that it doesn't like the disk signatures).

Bob B.

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Subject: fdisk: secret anti-MS code?

Hi all,

I have an old disk (Seagate 6.4 GB, IDE, nothing special) which I
thought I could devote to OBSD. So I installed 3.0 and all was fine. But
now I need to use it to test some stuff under Windows. So I tried to
install some version of it and the install always bombs. Trying to
install Windows 2000 results in the BSOD during the install procedure,
Windows NT4 terminates gracefully with the notice that it can't create
the \winnt\ directory and Windows 98 runs fdisk just fine but can't
format the partitions.
BIOS recognizes the size/geometry of the disk correctly, as does the
Windows 98 fdisk, but not the Windows NT4 installer.

After playing with all these and rewriting the MBR a few times
installing OBSD is still as painless as it always was.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get a MS recognised
filesystem on that disk?