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Re: Wireless network

I found the Linksys equip. to be a pile of junk. I went with 
an Aironet 340 Base and Aironet 340 PCMCIA and it works excellent.
Not that much more expensive either.


Ralph Forsythe <rforsythe_(_at_)_centerone_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
> Hi, Ben...
> That setup will work just fine.  Question -- on the DSL modem, is the
> modem itself providing NAT and DHCP services, or does it (or can it) just
> pass a static IP to the OpenBSD box and simply route, leaving the NAT up
> to OBSD?  This would be your ideal scenario.
> Beyond that you're on the right track, just remember you will need
> crossover cables if you're not connecting the DSL and Access Point to the
> OBSD box through hubs.
> As for hardware issues ... you might look through the emails from the past
> few days on this, but basically stay away from Linksys wireless stuff.
> SMC is good, Orinoco/Lucent (same thing) is probably the best, but is more
> expensive.  There seem to be mixed reactions to the Cisco (Aironet) stuff.
> I'm in the process of making a quick web page writeup on my wireless
> experiences and setup instructions for something very similar to what
> you're attempting, I'll post it once I get it done.

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