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Hey Obsd peeps..

I have a question, First off im running a OBSD 2.7
box that is currently acting as a web, ftp, ssh and
mail server.  I am connected to the net via a DHCP
ADSL line thru Verizon.  All works great and has done
so since 2.7 was released.  I have one domain pointed
to the box now.  I am wanting to use the box as a DNS
server but here is my question.  How to I stop the DHCP
renewal every 43200 seconds.  When I have the resolv.conf
set to the setting needed to use my own box as a DNS it
changes to VZ's DNS every 43200 seconds.  I do not know
much about the DHCP settings to go in and try to start
changing them.

Any help or a website would be appreciated!!


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