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Re: Help with updating to BIND 9.1.1

On Sun, 30 Dec 2001, a dweeb from yonderway wrote:

> Of course you could have just kept your mouth shut and the world would be a
> better place.  He got the answer he wanted, and no one had to be a ravenous
> bugblatter beast to give it to him.  Please either purchase a new
> personality or continue to lurk.

You know, I thought the guys response was fairly straight forward and
non-inflammatory, unlike your "sour-puss" response.

New users sometimes have to be led to sources of information.  Now that
they know where to look in the archives/FAQ MAYBE when they need help at
200am in the morning they'll know where to look.  However with you're idea
they'll be sitting there waiting for someone to respond.

Seems to me I'd rather know where the resources are to resolve problems.
Perhaps I'm the only one.


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