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Re: PowerBook G4

On Thu, Dec 27, 2001 at 10:29:14PM -0500, Zvezdan Petkovic wrote:
> o If you want packages also, you'll have to spend time on choosing which
>   ones (since there are too many for a single CD) and ensuring that you
>   pack all their dependencies on the same CD too.  Read "man package" on
>   an OpenBSD or FreeBSD machine to learn how to find the dependencies.
>   Untar some package and look at the files you get. Think how to extract
>   dependencies using a script instead of doing it one by one.

Would people be interested in a kind of pkg2html.cgi thingy that would
make fetching dependant packages a little easier.  There's always
the ports cvsweb, but one needs to understand packages-specs(7) and
whatnot to be able to use them ... wait ... one could mostly just add 
links to the packages into the "readme" target output.  Is there a 
currently maintained set of the port README.html's on the web somewhere?