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Re: mfs mounts and -current.

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Pedro <pedro_(_at_)_ironchicken_(_dot_)_am-gen_(_dot_)_org> writes:

| I'm trying to work around a slow laptop disk by using mfs mounts for
| things like /tmp. It works, although any performance improvement is hard
| to quantify.
| Much reading of the man pages, faq and archives has confused me, and a
| little clarification would be appreciated. It was recently suggested
| on this list that mount_mfs actually uses swap, i.e.
| "mount_mfs doesn't use RAM, it fills up your swap device, so just
| allocate the more swap space."

- From what I understand:

Mfs is a just another process which competes with other processes for
the memory.

So most of, or all of, the contents of mfs mounted file system reside
on RAM when available memory is plenty enough .  It is paged out to
swap device when available physical memory is low.

"mount_mfs doesn't use RAM" seems incorrect for me. 

I think your approach, mount /tmp as mfs, is good one.  I'm doing so
on my all three *BSDs.

And I think rd(4) is meant to be used for installation or some special
purposes (e.g. 1 floppy router etc.).

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

IKEDA Shigeru
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