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Re: international OBSD - locales and other such stuff?

On Thursday 20 December 2001 06:46 am, Rob Sessink wrote:
> look at this article, i have tried it on a xterm and it works.
> 	http://e-zine.nluug.nl/hold.html?cid=113

Wow, thank you very much for the link. I loaded the page so I can read 
it later tonight. A brief scan of the info provided tells that I will 
find it very interesting and useful =^)

As a sidenote, I posted the original message asking about this stuff. A 
person might wonder why I, of all people, would care since my primary 
language is en_US? The POSIX default locale would be all I need? Well, 
IMHO, a computer that only speaks english kind of sucks. There are so 
many languages... They should ?_all_? be available to users of 
computers in every state (country) of the world in his/her own native 

Just my 2 penny diatribe ;)

Thanks again for the link!