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Re: WI driver, promiscuous mode, and Orinoco

At 13:49 -0700 on 12/20/01, Aaron Leach wrote:
> I talked with Orinoco and the tech stated to me that the firmware in
>6.06, 6.16 did not support promiscuous mode, which means the bridge will
>not work. He told me that 7.28 version of the firmware did support
>promiscuous mode. I updated all of the firmware on these cards, and still
>the bridge does not work.

Newer firmware reportedly deliberately breaks some calls that worked in
older versions, in order to make sniffing harder.

> Does the wi driver support promiscuous mode? That is the only other
>conclusion why this does not work. If it does not support promiscuous, is
>anybody going to create a driver that does support promiscuous mode? I
>would really like to use bridgeing between wireless and ethernet as a
>cheap media convertor.

Sign over your first-born to Lucent, then they'll give you the non-redacted
version of the docs for the card.  You'll need those to figure out how to
turn the card into part of a transparent bridge device.  Losing your
first-born may still not allow you to distribute anything you write,

You may be able to get some hints, particularly if you're willing to switch
to a Prism2 card, from the code pointed at by: