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Re: i810

If you could please properly construct your sentences it would be greatly appreciated..

As for the topic of kernel modules in OpenBSD read:

"dreamwvr_(_at_)_dreamwvr_(_dot_)_com" <dreamwvr_(_at_)_dreamwvr_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
> hi,
>    Well that would be news to me. So if i read you your saying i can 
> do 
> kldload file 
> that will not work ..
> however since i am brain dead you can do a 
> modload file
> if that is what your after ..
> if not well i quite simply don't know ..
> unless your talking 
> insmod file 
> which again won't work .. and it appears your right and 
> i am wrong so i will eat some humble pie;-))
> Hope that helps. hee.hee.hee it appears i got confused and 
> forgot what OS i was living on.    

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