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Just installed the very recently upgraded port for tircproxy on my
OpenBSD 3.0 firewall.

  patch-tircproxy_c patch-tircproxy_h

It Compiled fine. 

I can connect and I can dcc get files but I can't dcc send things.

I started the proxy ( both as user and as root (does it matter?)) with:

  /usr/local/sbin/tircproxy -b -d9 -s 7666 -MILRH irc.openprojects.net 6667

the logs indicated they saw the dcc send : 

  [15605] Caught: DCC SEND OGGPimp1.exe 3232235777 25167 99407
  [15605] Sent: DCC SEND OGGPimp1.exe 3232235777 43752 99407
  [15605] Leaving copy_once (rlen = 62)
  [15605] copy_loop: waiting

I have no extra ports opened on the firewall. ( Is that necesarry ? )
couldn't find anything about it in the extensive documentation.

The logs didn't show anything being blocked.

What is going wrong?

Cya, Han.