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thanks (was Re: port for m68k)

i thank you, allen brigs, mike nicewonger, steven d. blackford, for your answer
about the next port of *bsd ("next" meaning "computer", not "following").
i noticed your replies didn't include a copy to the list, so i post the answers
for future reference.

thanks again!

Daniel Díaz

Allen Briggs wrote:
> Have you checked to see if your nextstation is one that's supported
> by NetBSD/next68k?  If so, you could run that, or you could look at
> bringing that code into OpenBSD and creating OpenBSD/next68k.

Mike Nicewonger wrote:
> NetBSD has a port for the NeXT hardware IIRC.
> www.netbsd.org

Steven D. Blackford wrote:
> Check out the NetBSD/next68k port.  Haven't followed it in a while
> but that would be your best place to start.  Hope that helps.