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Re: Need some help with a laptop install

On Wed, 2001-12-19 at 15:15, Andrew Falanga wrote:
> Hello everyone,
>      First time I've ever tried installing OBSD to a laptop.  The reason
> is, I'm sick of not having any real functionality with Windoze machines
> when trying to diagnose network related problems in the field.  So, I
> thought I'd eleviate my problem with having my very own OpenBSD laptop
> set to go.  Here's the deal, I can't get the boot floppies
> too...well...boot.
tsk tsk tsk... have you done your homework ? have you strolled to the
archives of openbsd-mobile
(http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=openbsd-mobile&r=1&w=2)? try also
looking here:
or subscribe to the openbsd-mobile mailing list. As indicated by
The clever monkeys at monkey.org maintain the openbsd-mobile list for
people using OpenBSD on mobile and laptop computers. To subscribe:
echo subscribe | mail openbsd-mobile-request_(_at_)_monkey_(_dot_)_org

/Saad Kadhi
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