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Re: "Using Disk: 0 Partition: 3" problem

On Tue, 18 Dec 2001 17:01:19 +0100
Vazquez Javier <j_(_dot_)_vazquez_(_at_)_nzz_(_dot_)_ch> wrote:

> i had this problems some months ago and i only had it with machines
that had
> formerly installed linux --> lilo! if you've installed linux on that
> IMHO you can't just install openbsd over it without deinstalling lilo
> your mbr first ("lilo -U" or something like that?).
> as far as i see you allready wiped linux off your disk, maybe you
> take a look at your disk manufactureres website and find a tool to
> lowlevel-format your disk.

The disks previously held DOS 6.22, never fiddled with lilo on it. And
yes, I overwrote the MBR when repartitioning the disks (both by forcing
fdisk to do so and the implied rewrite when you change your partitioning
tables), so any previous MBR should be gone for sure. Also, OpenBSD did
boot, so this shouldn't be a MBR problem anyway. More likely a second
stage boot problem I think.

// nick

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