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Install Help

Alright, I'm looking for some help here.

I've got a machine, P200 with 32M RAM an Adaptec 2490 controller, a Quantum 3.2GB drive, and two 3Com 3C905 cards in it.

I'm trying to get OpenBSD 3.0 installed via ftp, because the machine has no CD ROM.

Whenever I try, I can get to the point of starting to ftp the necessary files and then the ftp process usually stalls and then eventually I get a message similar to "/mnt/usr full" panic dup_alloc and the install process dumps and reboots. This usually happens so quickly I can't catch the exact error message.

Anyway, what REALLY bugs me about this is that this very machine, exact machine, no changes AT ALL have been made, was running OpenBSD 2.7 quite happily until about a week ago when I decided to trash it and start with a fresh install of 3.0.

Does anyone out there have ANY ideas on things I should look at? I've swapped different hard drives, same result, I've taken out one of the 3C905s on the theory there was maybe some weird conflict. Same result. I've re-downloaded and re-created the install disks several times and re-downloaded all of the install files. Nothing seems to help.

I'm about out of ideas.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Rodney Hopkins