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Hi... have this problem....
Two different networks

Actually have all my LAN with 132.x.x.x
but need to see the 10.x.x.x LAN...

Could I setup 2 bridges and use altq so all my LAN
can see at the same time both networks??
I made this
brconfig bridge0 add xl0 add xl1 up
brconfig bridge1 add xl0 add xl2 up

but it says that xl0 is busy...

how do I setup two bridges with three nic's and altq?
so at the end I get this schema...

              ---->NIC 1|OpenBSD 3.0 |
LAN 132.x.x.x <----     |    Box     |     --->
                        |as a Router/|NIC 3<---  LAN
              ---->     |Firewall??? |
LAN 10.x.x.x  <----NIC 2|____________|