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Re: Move kernel between machines

On Tue, Dec 18, 2001 at 10:59:08AM -0600, Mark Beihoffer wrote: 
> Assuming (hypothetically of course) that I have three or four machines
> with identical (or nearly identical) architectures, can I compile a
> kernel on one, and then transfer the kernel to the other machines with
> scp, and expect them to boot?

> If I have a machine that has different hardware than the other three
> machines (i.e. faster CPU and totally different motherboard) but I want
> to make several changes to GENERIC and recompile a kernel on that
> machine (because it's faster and sitting right next to me), could I then
> deploy that kernel (using scp) to the other machines and expect it to
> work? 


> If so, will there be problems related to the different hardware,
> or is a kernel a kernel a kernel, no matter what (x86/i386) machine it
> was compiled on. ;-)

as long as your kernel config is correct and you stay within one
architecture (building a sparc kernel on i386 won't work, at least not that
easy): no problems to be expected.

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