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Move kernel between machines


Assuming (hypothetically of course) that I have three or four machines
with identical (or nearly identical) architectures, can I compile a
kernel on one, and then transfer the kernel to the other machines with
scp, and expect them to boot?

okokok, now granted that if the answer to the above question is yes, how
about this.

If I have a machine that has different hardware than the other three
machines (i.e. faster CPU and totally different motherboard) but I want
to make several changes to GENERIC and recompile a kernel on that
machine (because it's faster and sitting right next to me), could I then
deploy that kernel (using scp) to the other machines and expect it to
work? If so, will there be problems related to the different hardware,
or is a kernel a kernel a kernel, no matter what (x86/i386) machine it
was compiled on. ;-)

(i386/2.9 varying amounts of RAM, Celeron 433's on the slow ones, P-III
600 on the fast, Intel Pro/100 with fxp drivers, etc)

TIA for the help, and in return, I promise to lay off the coffee.

Mark Beihoffer
Network Architect